Thursday, December 11, 2008

For those of you who know me well you know my girls have bows in the hair everyday! It's about time that I started to pay for this fetish of mine :) So I'm selling hairbows and headbands.
This style has 10 different colors!
Here are just a few pictures of my favorite ones. All styles can be done in numerous colors. I use alligator clips, small and medium barrettes. Bows come in 3 different styles each in 3 different sizes. Just let me know what you need!
Shipping is free!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Zoo-tacular Day

I think I enjoy going to the zoo just as much as my daughters. I found myself getting excited just anticipating the day. I love watching them discover and enjoy new things.
We spent a wonderful day at the zoo with Andy's family who came down from MI and PA for Thanksgiving. Novalie was shaking with excitement as we entered through the Main Gate of the zoo. We hadn't even finished purchasing our tickets before she was ready to run off and explore.

We've been to the zoo several times and Novie has never shown interest in the Petting Zoo until this last visit. She walked right in and headed straight for the goats. The Zoo Keeper handed Novie a little bristle brush and Novie proceeded to give each goat one swipe of the brush, (they each got an equal amount of lovin' from Novie).She also wanted to see what the goats were eating and got a ridiculously close look when she squatted to the same level as their mouths. She then proceeded to "share" some with the goats, and No, she did not like the taste of the hay :) I could not believe how brave she had become just overnight! Petting, playing, hugging and feeding the goats! That is a huge speed bump she has overcome. Yippee Novalie!

I love these pictures of her!

Eden's favorite part of the day was the sheer pleasure of being outside with people holding and loving on her. She had such a great time on the train. I think its funny how babies like the wind in their face and in their hair, (but Eden doesn't know what that's like yet) :). Someday soon her hair is finally growing :)

It was such a nice day. I think all the animals were out and about. Novalie told us their names and made all the animal sounds for us, she tried to teach Eden a few, which produced lots of giggles from the girls. We enjoyed our time being outside and got great pictures of the 4 of us. I cannot wait until we take the girls to the Aquarium for Christmas!
I also found out my mother-in-law is terrified of birds...hilarious!

The weather was perfect and most of the animals were wide awake ready to be gawked at :) Every animal we came upon Novalie was say "hi" to it and laugh when it looked in her direction.