Monday, February 21, 2011

Intern Farsang "Minute to Win It"

We are always hearing of new movies and shows to watch from friends and family back in the States. Last summer I heard of Minute to Win It, we watched a couple episodes but not something we got into. The game is a series of opportunities to win money by completing activities in less than 60sec. 1 is a list of some of the crazy games these individuals had to complete.

We forgot about it, until just recently when I thought it would make the most hilarious games for our intern fellowships!! We looked up old episodes and began working on some ridiculous games to make the interns do. :) This month is Farsang a month of balls, performances, carnivals and costumes, so of course, we Had them come in costume. Even the 2nd Mater Family showed up complete with Pocahontas. Meow ;)
Now we have limited resources here in our little village of Toalmas but with imagination and creativity juices to spare we came up with some hilarious games!!!! Now to quote one of the interns "I think these games were made up so Tabitha could get a good laugh at out expense!" they catch on quickly ;) heehee of course that was the whole purpose of this evening! I've been stressed and needed a good laugh! and man, did we get some GREAT laughs!!!
Novalie even competed!
Stacking 5 dice one at a time on a Popsicle stick held in your mouth
Stacking blocks one at a time on your hand while your arm is out straight
Start with a chip on your forehead, get it to your mouth only using your facial muscles, no hands!
Peel and present a banana only using your feet and toes, yucky!
Tossing food into each other mouths

Our favorite game of the evening! Pans full of flour, the goal was to get the chocolate covered raisins out not the p-nuts, each raisin was 1 point each p-nut negative one, their mouths were full of flour by the end!! HILARIOUS!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm never quite sure how to write about Farsang. It's Hungary's version of Carnival/Mardi Gras. Every February the month is full of parties, balls, costumes, performances, and donuts :) haha.

Novalie's little Kindergarten class had their Farsang performance this week, always a mixture of cuteness, good laughs and adorableness!

Remember last year??

They were Spanish Flamenco dancers.
This year was Knights of the Kingdom. They waltzed in to elegant royal music, spun around to show off their flowing dresses and danced slow and regal-like, it that a word? Regal-like.

Novie was the tiniest, shortest kid last year for her play, this year she was the same size as about 8 of her new classmates. Her partner this year but a little boy Bence who is so adorable, they were by far the cutest little couple. I think the pouty face made half of the performance. I video-taped it and half of the time you can hear me giggling. I guess if I was 3 like Bence and had to wear tights, TP rolls on my head and PINK bloomers in front of 100's of people I would pout as well ;) But they did a great job, he stayed on stage, in character and danced adorably.

My guess, it was the Pink bloomers?...they were the only ones pouting or crying

This is Zolan I think he has a little crush on Novie, they hold hands and he bought her a donut, he's 5 and such a sweet boy.

But how exciting for Novalie to dress up as a Princess!! This girl screams fairy-tale everywhere she goes, she never walks, it's always bouncing and skipping, the sparkle in her eyes and constant giggles and twirling made this performance a dream come true for my Little Princess!
Watching the rest of the show with Daddy
Even Minnie Mouse got to twirl on stage

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I love these moments when the girls want to be the "same" to match and just be silly sisters. These are the pictures and moments I treasure and will be remember. Though most days are hectic, crazy and a little frustrating these rare ones make it worth it!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Winter days

I don't know about you, but winter is long, TOO long sometimes. I struggle, struggle often. I'm from Florida, I'm used to sun or rain, hot, HOT or warm weather, once in awhile it's cold but it never lasted for 6mo straight. So when a sunny day comes along I can do nothing but sit in the sunbeams and dream of spring and summer. Today was one of those days and Eden came and sat with me, taking care of her baby. Here are some photos from our 30min. in the sunbeams.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Childhood Games

There are so many amazing wonderful things about having kids, and of course many cool things!! One of those cool things would be that I get to play Barbies, Lego's, house, dolls, read books in a tent, be a princess, dragon, nurse, and horse all in the same 10 min. and fastly becoming my favorite are playing the toddler board games. Watching the girls play, grasping new concepts, remembering rules and discovering the world of strategy what little there is to be had in Candyland, Pretty, Pretty Princess or Chutes and Ladders.

But my girls LOVE games!! and since Andy and I do as well, we have been playing a game EVERY night. Recently its been match, we have now, 3 sets and we mix and match all the time to add a little flavor to the game :)

So, I wanted to make a match game, I have seen them on blogs, and etsy and they are super cute! It actually took me about an hour to make all of them! I was super excited and so were the girls. Here's to making, playing and of course WINNING more games heehee

The cute little Teddy Bear bags I made to store the match cards in.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Socially Acceptable

I seem to be saying this to myself alot lately, is this "socially acceptable" as in is this passable to go out into the world wearing. Is my hair socially acceptable, how about my make-up clothes, pants, overall look? etc etc.
Personal maintenance is annoying to keep up with!!! I don't know about you but I am constantly debating about how much time I should spend on myself in the upkeep area. I am a stay-at-home mom, most of the time people come to me while the kids are napping or sleeping, it seems rare that I get out much, so spending time on my overall appearance seems pointless sometimes. How often do I look good, put together and feel pretty and no one sees me!! arrrgh
So, Do I wash, dry and style my hair today? maybe just wash it then throw it in a ponytail, do I put on make-up? does the grocery store merit make-up? does Picking Novie up from school require nice hair? a couple students are coming..can I stay in my "lounge" pants?
Ladies, what about shaving! yikes! Talk about a good way to waste your morning, shaving is overrated yet I would NEVER stop :) who made up the rule that we need to be smooth, shaven, waxed or plucked all the time, if I could boycott one thing and still be comfortable this would get my vote! Painted nails rarely happens, I dream of pedicures :) and getting my eyebrows plucked believe it or not is my favorite. I am still picking about my eyebrows and kinda obsess with them being nice, plucked and even. I guess it good I'm concerned about one thing. I guess half of this is because I have no routine, I cannot take a shower and get ready every day at the same time my family does not allow it and I guess I do not force to make it happen. So anywhere between 6am- 9pm I shower for the day. I guess I am more concerned with the cleanliness of my family and house. Novie gets home from school and I scrub her, I think about all the kids and teachers hugging and kissing her, all the germs she is covered in and I get the willies, they get bathed EVERY night, no matter what!! and yes! I am so strict about this it keeps your kid's healthy! and of course before I can fall asleep at night I prefer everything to be neat, tidy, picked up and in it's rightful place.
Now, going back to me, I've never been a "high-maintenance" person. I do not demand perfection of myself, too much pressure and after having kid's unrealistic for many unmentionable reasons. I've always been slightly jealous of those mom's who have a van load of adorable children, and look smokin' hot. how do they do it!!! How do you balance eating right, exercise, playing with your kid's, consistent discipline, a clean sparkly house, and have time for's a mystery yet most women will say they don't have it together, sure fooled me!

I lOVE my pajamas, they are wonderful, I start dreaming about them at around 4pm in the day unless I am already weraing them, then I just shower and put on clean ones ;) don't tell anyone my secret :).. however I guess society has made up this crazy rule that they aren't meant to be worn all day! What?! I have no desire to follow this rule. Truthfully I have no desire to get dressed, put on the works, if I'm not going anywhere. Why waste an outfit to scrub the toilet, change diapers, and cook. Very, VERY rarely do people show up at my house announced, and besides my normal clothes don't fit the way they used to so come on people, why can't I just stay comfy. You know who has something to say about this! Here is to all the mommy's that stay comfy ALL day and have no shame!! Ok, maybe just a little ;)