Saturday, January 12, 2013

13 resolutions for 2013

I must first start by saying that 2012 ended up being such a crazy unpredictable year that I decided as a New Years Resolution I was going to simply enjoy this year and make memories. As 2013 is upon me I want to have more specific goals and I am not sure why but I thought it would be fun to have 13 goals, resolutions, etc. I will try my best to accomplish them but not feel defeated if they do not go according to plan. So in a small nutshell, and probably too wordy for most here are my 13 goals for 2013: 1. Get uncomfortable and go out on a limb with my hair. My hair has been the same general color and style for over 15 years. 2. More Family outings to new places. I seem to get kinda lazy when it comes to making these happen. I do the research and planning and when we wake up the morning we stick to what we know. 3. Learn something new like cake decorating, calligraphy, knitting,how to quilt or use power tools. 4.Read 10 books to my kids this year. To name a few musts; Charlotte's Web, Boxcar Children, Little House on the Prairie, Black Beauty and Pilgrims Progress. 5. Go on a vacation 6. Start an Etsy store that actually has products for sale. 7. Do the 40 bags in 40 day declutter challenge 8. Write more encouraging letters, more thank-you, birthday cards and "proud of you" cards 9. Finish the craft/office/ guest room.... 10. Go on more dates 11. Read 20 encouraging, spiritual growth books 12. Spend quality time with Novi and Eden teaching them how to sew, bake, host, fold laundry and wash their own hair. 13. Save for a car 14. Oops counted wrong ;) 30 by 30 I would love to lose 30lbs by time I turn 30 and if I complete this goal by April 18th I will be sky-diving to celebrate!