Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Birthday Week

Last week was my birthday. We celebrated my birthday every day for week and it was fabulous. To sum up my birthday I will give you 27 things I LOVED about my birthday week. 27 you ask?...figure it out. Not in any specific order:

1. Spending the day at City Park in Budapest with my family
2. My birthday cake made by Andy, Novie and Eden with Christmas sprinkles and little froggy and insect shaped candles
3. My new amazing printer
4. Yana singing Happy Birthday to me on the Metro...it was pretty much a solo, couldn't get the Hungarians to jump on board. haha
5. The Sugar Shop
6. The HUGE bad of buttons and craft supplies from my in-laws.
7. A phone call from my Grandma, sister and brother
8. The Potty man from Rebekah HAHA
9. A homemade purse from Angie
10. A Monday morning at IKEA
11. My Button shaped chocolate on chocolate cake from Szandra
12. Coffee and cakes from Histeria with Angie
13. A morning to myself to sew and create
14. Pizza with the students for dinner at the castle
15. Movie night with some students
16. Budapest with Hanna and Yana
17. Dinner on a steamboat on the Danube River
18. A new old elegant movie
19. Chocolate from Germany
20. New clothes
21. Ice cream at McD's with the girls
22. Wandering Auchan and not having to grocery shop
23. Making encouraging notes during Mentor time
24. Getting our garden planted
25. Homemade birthday cards from Novie, Andy and Eden
26. Not having to do dishes
27. Grilling out for the first time this season

27 things I didn't like about my birthday:
1-27. Turning another year older

My talented friend Angie

I need to shout out about my friend Angie. I made these because of her.

She is in the same boat as me. 2 kids, a husband in full-time ministry and her hands in alot of ministries on campus.

All these pictures are patterns and tutorials she came up with herself! Someday I will jump in that part of the boat with her and make my own witty pattern for something adorable. She has a few tutorials up on her blog:


and her crayon wallet PDF file is for sale on her etsy site:


Happy Sewing!

Dress for Novie

This was before I hemmed it. But this dress is absolutely adorable and so extremely simple! The same instructions apply to shirts for girls up to the age of 12. Such a great dress.

Button Bobbies

My Mother -in-law sent me a plathera of buttons for my birthday and this was the first thing that popped into my mind to make. This is only the first bunch I tried but I think I have about 30 of them now. It's perfect for those stubborn fuzzy hairs around your face. Novie has worn one to school almost every day. Love them they are so darling.