Friday, June 26, 2009

Our Little Sugar and Spice likes Snips and Snails

We made it outside after days of endless rain and Novalie and Eden began their hunt for creatures. I grew up in Florida catching lizards, and grasshoppers. Well, my little girly-girls are growing up with snails and worms...blek. That's fine for now...I know they will probably out grow it and pray along with me that Eden will outgrow the desire to stick them in her mouth. GROSS! Yes, a snail actually lost it's head when Eden bit down! I about lost my insides....daddy had to take over at that point.

America's Next Top Toddler Model

Novalie has become such a little character. This was rainy day #4 and she spent hours playing dress-up and dressing up Eden and Mommy. She came dancing out of her room all dressed up demanding a photo shoot! "Mommy, I'm the princess boss and you can take my pictures, ok?" I had a hard time not cracking up as she "posed" all over the living room. Poor Eden was stripped down to her diaper and dressed up as well. I think I need to start sewing her some more dress-up clothes. What a little diva. My favorite part was when she grabbed her ponytail, yanked it out and fluffed her hair for the camera. I love my little princess!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Our beautiful yard!

Grape vines

Our huge garden

Tiger Lily
Red currants
Pink Rose

We love our yard!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My little baby Eden turned one this week.

All parents know how time flies. It's so exciting to see our children discover and learn new things. We always joke around and say, "Why do we need a baby boy we have Eden." Eden is our little curious troublemaker. She climbs onto everything, eats everything, and always seems to be playing in the dirt and getting bumps and bruises.

Here are a few stories about our little Eden.

Between dinner and being outside we have a tie for Eden's favorite things. Every evening we know without a doubt that Eden will decorate her hair with food, then  point at the mirror to see what she looks like with that particular meal in her hair. She is very creative and has become our entertainment "dinner and a show."

 Eden loves to be outside. She will crawl to the front door and point outside and say "please" in sign language until we get her dressed to go play outside. If she sees us grabbing our shoes she will go and get hers. She wants to crawl down the steps by herself and walk to the back yard by herself. She is extremely independent. She started walking at 10mo. and has been improving every day. Eden likes to climb up and slide down the slide all by herself. Her newest thing is going down on her belly.

She has gotten very brave. The other day we found her in the window ledge! Yes, she can now climb up on the couches, up the armrest, and over the back of the couch to the window ledge. She really enjoys emptying the lower cabinets of the kitchen and climbing into her toy box and lowering the lid so we can't see her.
Eden eats everything! She is always sticking bugs, dirt, rocks, flowers, crayons, play-doh, and toys into her mouth.

Andy and I were working in the garden and looked over to see Eden inside the fire pit pouring ashes over the top of her head. She LOVES to get messy!!

Eden is also our little cuddlebug. She wants to be held, loved and kissed. She gives kisses, blows kisses and gives hugs. She is extremely affectionate and still wants to rock with mommy or daddy at night time. Eden is very smart. She is already saying and using about 10 words, uses a spoon at dinner, she can pick up her toys, go and get a diaper, and can open the closet to get her shoes to play outside. I think she wants to be grown up like her sister ;)

Eden is our little gem. She is our deep thinker, she is bold, brave, but cautious around people. She is a beautiful gorgeeous girl with her bright blue eyes, naturally pink cheeks and soft flawless skin. She has her moments of being shy and the life of the party, but prefers to hold back, and observe before joining in. 

Little Eden is such a joy to us. Every dau is an adventure with her. We love watching her learn new things. God has truly blessed us!