Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bound for Hungary, the journey begins...

Most of you know the journey we began 2 years ago...Raising support for Hungary.

We got an amazing phone call last Monday night around 9:30pm. "You are leaving for Hungary" rang in our ears... "not only did the money you need come in but you leave in 19 days... WHAT?!

I think (besides the norm like my wedding and birth of my babies) I've never had such an overwhelming rush of emotions overtake me all at once. At first I felt excited, then relief (support raising is on the back burner for once in 2 years) then the reality of packing, moving (again), adjusting CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE! Not sure about you but 'Change' is one of my least favorite words :)

On the plus side (which is the most important thing) We know that this is what the Lord has for us right now as a family. His timing is perfect and what better place for us to be than in the Perfect Will of God! I feel safe, protected, comforted and relief as the craziness of packing and sorting consumes my day.

I am human, so emotions tend to take over, hey I'm the typical female :) but I know the Lord of my Life, of my husband's life and of my precious girl's will take care of us! He has a plan, His perfect plan and all we can do is remain faithful and do what He has asked us to do!

So we leave for Hungary in 16 days. I will become a resident of Toalmas, Hungary. WOW... My life is going to change in dramatic ways, but I know the Lord will take care of me, give me peace, strength and comfort in the days ahead.

Keep us in your prayers...