Friday, June 18, 2010

Kedves barataink, (Our dear friends)

So much has happened since our last letter! We have just finished perhaps the busiest month of May in all of our time in ministry, and it has been amazing to see all that God has done! We hosted a missions trip from the WOL Bible Insitute in New York, celebrated 20 years of Word of Life Hungary, hosted the annual Word of Life Hungary family day, watched two of our interns get married, and saw our students graduate and move on to summer ministry!
May began with a bang as we hosted 29 people from Word Of Life New York for an eight day missions trip. Each day was spent in different locations as we were able to serve in two churches, three public schools, two orphanages, and on our own campus! What an exciting time it was to watch these young people serve the Lord! During their time here, we were able to share the gospel with over 300 people, and we saw over 20 people make decisions for Christ!
As May continued, Word of Life celebrated twenty years of faithful ministry in Hungary. What an exciting time to see and hear some of the great things that God has done over the past two decades! It is truly humbling to think that we are privileged to play a small part in this historic and God-honoring ministry. One of our interns put together a great video you should watch to truly understand how God has worked and continues to work in this ministry. Please check it out at this website:
May ended with the graduation of our first and second year students. This was an especially exciting time for Andy as he signed each diploma and was able to personally give out the academic awards to some of the students. Our ministry now turns to focusing on our financial support, and learning Hungarian. These are crucial areas of our ministry, and we need your prayers and support as we go through this time. Tabitha will be taking language classes all summer, so please pray for safety as she daily commutes into Budapest to learn Hungarian. Please pray that she would learn a lot through this time. We also need to see a large support increase to be able to continue our minsitry. Our anonymous gift runs out in December, so to continue to stay here, we need to see an increase of at least $900 per month to our support. Please pray for God to do a great work to provide supporters through amazing ways. Perhaps you can help by either joining our support team or by increasing your current support! We are so thankful to have each of you partnering with us, and we look forward to even more incredible ministry opportunities in the days ahead!

In Christ’s service,
Andy, Tabitha, Novalie, and Eden
2 Tim. 2:2

Thursday, June 3, 2010

BOZ pays Eden a visit

Yesterday my baby, Eden Louise, turned 2. She is officially a toddler no longer a baby no more little baby section for me, (except for that ocassional visit for diapers.)
Something about 2 makes her so much bigger no more giving her age in months. "How old is your daughter?" "She is 23 months." Not sure why we do that, and why do we stop at 2. Can't I say Novalie is now 42 months old?...

For Eden's 2nd birthday we had a little party with BOZ, who lives in a tree, right next door to the Baxter family...eek, singing and typing the song. Yikes. Grandma and Grandpa in MI sent a big package overflowing with BOZ items and green decorations. We had alot of fun listening to the squeals as each BOZ item was unwrapped. If you could stop in for a visit today you would see that BOZ has taken over our living room..for the time being.

We invited 2 of Eden's little buddies over and their mommies, also Eden's babysitters, but if you saw the sitter's and Eden together they are just a few more of Eden's close friends. We ate hotdogs, colored BOZ pictures, ate bright green cupcakes, and played with toys. Eden started to cry when we all chimed in and sang Happy Birthday, she would rather read a book in the corner by herself, just recently she has started to peak out from her shell. We had a wonderful day visiting with friends, playing with new toys and celebrating Eden. Watch out 2's here we come!

Laci, Eden and Lia

Still warming up to the singing

Right after I kissed her on the exact minute she was born

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Year Ends...

Graduation was last wknd for our Bible school students..such a sad and exciting time for them closing one chapter and opening another. How encouraging for us as staff to watch them grow this year. They come from all around the world, live together and grow leaps and bounds through the knowledge of God's Word. Now we spend our days praying for them. That this knowledge they have gained will reflect in their everyday lives back home. That they will live in sync with the Lord and desire to praise His name.

Bible Students we are proud of you! We have enjoyed this year with you and look forward to hearing all God does in your life in the years to come. Don't forget to do you Quiet Time :) Commit those first minutes each day to the One who gave you Life. Encourage each other, share your Faith and may your life reflect Christ.