Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A little of this past month...

I cannot believe a month has flown by since I last updated our blog...sorry family, friends, just give me a moment to wipe away the cobwebs and dust..

Where to begin?!

Andy completed his language classes graduating with High Honors! I am so proud of my husband and praise the Lord for giving him such an incredible opportunity to learn and study the language. I love hearing him speak to our neighbors, and friends in Hungarian. He is doing a great job and is on his way to becoming bilingual!

Which brings us to Andy's new job! As of last month Andy has officially switched roles this year, he was working in the Local Church Ministries Department but because of numerous reasons including his knowledge of the Hungarian language he is now the new Academic Dean for the Bible school. He is in charge of all the guest lecturers, flights and syllabuse translation, translators, tests, correspondance with teachers, grades, running of classes and students who may need help in classes and studying. He is still in charge of the interns and running the intern program (he is a very busy guy!)
Novie's "student" ID picture

This past week was the Opening weekend for the new school year! The class of 2010 is officially in session! Everyone to your seats classes have begun. The RA's have been chosen and dorm rooms assigned.

31 students are currently enrolled from 8 different countries! How exciting to have so many cultures serving the Lord together on one campus.
We have 2 Ugandian students awaiting Visa permission and then they will be on thier way. Keep them in your prayers that all will run smoothly for them to arrive.
Andy was able to share with special music and has been also put in charge of the Ministry Sing Team. He held try-outs and the students are anxiously awaiting for the list to be posted.

We are so excited for this new class of students and all the amazing opportunities the Lord is going to give them this year. Tomorrow all students, as part of their Open Air Evangelism Class, will hit the streets of downtown Budapest and share their faith with eve
ryone they meet. Pray for many to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ!
Continue to lift up these students through-out this year as the Lord uses them and molds them to become like Him, that lives will be changed, lost will be saved and that the Lord will be ultimately Glorified!