Thursday, June 3, 2010

BOZ pays Eden a visit

Yesterday my baby, Eden Louise, turned 2. She is officially a toddler no longer a baby no more little baby section for me, (except for that ocassional visit for diapers.)
Something about 2 makes her so much bigger no more giving her age in months. "How old is your daughter?" "She is 23 months." Not sure why we do that, and why do we stop at 2. Can't I say Novalie is now 42 months old?...

For Eden's 2nd birthday we had a little party with BOZ, who lives in a tree, right next door to the Baxter family...eek, singing and typing the song. Yikes. Grandma and Grandpa in MI sent a big package overflowing with BOZ items and green decorations. We had alot of fun listening to the squeals as each BOZ item was unwrapped. If you could stop in for a visit today you would see that BOZ has taken over our living room..for the time being.

We invited 2 of Eden's little buddies over and their mommies, also Eden's babysitters, but if you saw the sitter's and Eden together they are just a few more of Eden's close friends. We ate hotdogs, colored BOZ pictures, ate bright green cupcakes, and played with toys. Eden started to cry when we all chimed in and sang Happy Birthday, she would rather read a book in the corner by herself, just recently she has started to peak out from her shell. We had a wonderful day visiting with friends, playing with new toys and celebrating Eden. Watch out 2's here we come!

Laci, Eden and Lia

Still warming up to the singing

Right after I kissed her on the exact minute she was born

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andy anderson said...

miss you guys. happy birthday Eden!!!! Love you, Duggy...