Monday, July 11, 2011


There is just something about camp that I LOVE!!! and I LOVE camp at Word of Life Florida! It's exciting, heart-pumping, you run around while you sing songs, you jump, scream, cheer, worship, are challenged, encouraged and blessed. I have missed camp!!! and it feels like we have never left. Also, my kids LOVE camp!! They love to run around with the counselors, cheer, scream, clap their hands and sing as loud as they can. The guitarist in the band gave us the set list of songs we have been singing so we can "youtube" them, why? because my girls have been asking none stop to keep singing camp songs and we cannot remember them all! They are all wonderful, convicting, encouraging and such a blessing to sing together as a family. I love how the Praise Band here has written many of the songs, what a blessing to have such talent being used for camp!
I love the feeling of family here, and many of them are my family! Everyone is Uncle or Aunt, and even many of the Conference Guests have become family over the last 5+ years of working with them. It's amazing how we immediately catch up with one another, encourage one another, and leave refreshed after visiting with them.
Another key element I love is the contagious desire to serve here. When we need help with something we never hear, "no" or "we can't do that" it's always, "let me see what I can do and if I can't help you I'll find someone who can" and it always happens. That is encouraging! What a blessing to be surrounded by individuals who desire to be Servant Leaders. A rare quality even in believers today, and right now I'm surrounded by 100's of them! Greatly blessed to be here these past two weeks! We are having a wonderful time!

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