Saturday, October 1, 2011

So, Pinteresting!

Not sure how many of you are on Pinterest these days. If you have any ounce of creativity in your body, need for organization or like to decorate for Christmas (everyone I think) this is the site for you! Everything from DIY, recipes, clothing, tutorials, tips on organizing, cleaning, decorating, holidays ideas, crafts etc (you get the idea) it's the ultimate of "idea" networking in a nutshell, and men, it's for you too. Props to the guy friends who have started to follow my pins.
I used to spend hours and I mean hours! on the Internet trying to find tutorials and adorable ideas for my girls, home and holidays now I'm just a measly click away to my Pinterest account where I have have categories such as; Fall/Thanksgiving ideas, Fashion Inspiration, Repurpose, Living Wiser, Motivation, and Pretty Food (plus about 5 more). Feel free to check out my page:

Now the 1 and ONLY problem I have found with Pinterest is the downfall of just "pinning" ideas all day instead of actually following through on the ideas. Do you do this? or am I somehow the ONLY person who struggles with this. Pinterest needs "rewards" for those individuals who actually fulfill their pins! Like a sticker, balloon or cookie :) Anyone with me on this one? So after pinning for a year and fulfilling a pin once every 3months I completed/made 4 pins in 1 week! aaahhh, I feel fabulous! It's like I lost 5lbs! Anyways, I am going to try better on how crazy I get with pinning. I want to actually MAKE what I pin, complete that organizing tip, bake that recipe and put that outfit together!

Here's to a year of doing and not just pinning. What Pinteresting item did you fulfill this week?

Here's one of mine:

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