Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Novie is not a baby anymore...

Novalie turned 2 this pass week and it was such a roller-coaster whirlwind of planning as we prepared to host a "Cookie-Decorating" party for a bunch of toddlers. I woke up that morning to the sweet voice of Novalie saying, "Mommy!" as she does so often ( and extremely close to my face), and realized that she was no longer a 1 year old anymore. No more defineing her age by months! She is officially 2! A toddler! Time is flying by and sifting through my fingers right before my eyes! It's AMAZING how much they learn and change the first two years of there lives!

We had such an adorable birthday party with 4 of Novie's dearest little friends. I had aprons made up for them with their names to decorate. I enjoyed watching their creative minds gear up as they so uniquely displayed their imaginations. We had them wear the aprons to salvage their clothing for the Main Event: Cookie Decorating! They had alot of "work" ahead of them, there were 104 cookies to decorate!

I think I went slightly overboard with all the icing and toppings, but it was SO hard to resist all the fun and yummy options!

Here are just a few of the toppings!
We had alot of hands to help as the cookings, toppings, and icing came flying out of the kitchen into the hands of some very energetic toddlers (and that was BEFORE the cookies and candy)

I think my favorite part was watching them with the sprinkles! Talk about an excessive amount being poured onto each cookie! They did NOT understand, " just a little bit" at all :) I started to wonder what was going to happen when all their taste-testing kicked in after the party was over. I think the same amount of toppings ended up in their mouths (if not more) than on top of the cookies.

Here are some of their very creative cookies

Novie had such a wonderful day decorating her apron, eating and decorating cookies, blowing out her candles, unwrapping and playing with her presents, and being with her friends and family. I'm excited to see what this upcoming year has for my little Novie.

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