Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter! He is Risen!

We had such a wonderful day! We had 20 people over for Easter lunch, student, staff, interns and friends. Everyone brought their favorite dishes. Novalie helped me with the Easter cake and decorations and she had a great time searching for eggs, Eden even found one!
We talked, ate and had an intense badmitton tournament. Andy and I lost... :(
The girls opened their Easter baskets from family back home and have been repeatedly watching "Dora Egg Hunting."
It was a perfect day to celebrate our Risen Saviour!


Brittany said...

How do you do that black and white w/ a little bit of color thingie to your pics..BE-A-UTIFUL :D

Donna said...

Hey, Tabitha, just discovered your very interesting & fun blog! You are a very expressive writer, which makes it a joy to read-your hospital stay sounds like a real adventure.....