Saturday, April 18, 2009

Surprise Party!

Last night my wonderful husband planned for me a Surprise Party, and boy, was I surprised!
He had been planning it for a couple weeks and timed everything perfectly.

Andy got a babysitter lined up and told me he was taking me out to eat the Fri. evening before my birthday. That sounded like fun because I have not been out to eat since we arrived in Hungary 3 months ago! We needed a date! Badly! But I am such a birthday party girl. I love to host them, plan them and Of course have them and it's the most fun when it's for me ;)

So I asked Andy if it was ok to have people over instead of going out to eat and saving that for a date night..but I wanted to play games, laugh, be loud and goofy and we had a babysitter! We just needed a place, not knowing he already had this planned! So he made up cheesy excuses and we went out to eat, and oops I got lost on the way there...too busy yackin' and having fun. So he had to make a discreet call and tell them it would be a little later.

On the way home from the restaurant Andy tells me we have to go to the Bartos' to sign some papers that we are taking to Immigration on Mon. which is true but we have until Monday and why not just sign them in the car on the way there?... Andy said we had to have at least 2 witnesses so it would make sense to sign them with both Andris' and Angie there to "witness" it. So, on MY birthday night we drive to their house to sign these stupid papers...

We are greeted at the door by Andris who is saying, "where's the blue pen, DID YOU BRING A BLUE, A BLUE PEN?" Later I found out that was "the sign" she is here.

So I walk in ( at this point I am thoroughly annoyed at having to stop by to sign stupid papers) and everyone is screaming and crammed all together in the took about 3 seconds for me to understand they were saying, "Happy Birthday" and singing. I was extremely surprised, and you know what I say..." do we still have to sign those papers" I'm so retarded.

We had cake and ice cream. Angie made my favorite, Confetti Cake! Peg got me an adorable little plant and Paul and Jill picked me beautiful Tulips from their own garden! I got my laughter, silliness, cards, cake and decorations! It was so much fun! Thank you everyone for coming! We made some great memories playing Quelf...which is a whole other story... ;)

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