Thursday, March 4, 2010

I find myself doing this more and more lately...neglecting my blog. I LOVE to blog but have been horrible at it lately. I've been pouring my time into so many areas that I've begun to feel guilty sitting at the computer. Also, about a month ago a little mischievous 20mo. old spilled coffee on my keyboard making it near impossible to type one word correctly! The key were sticking real bad... let's see, can I possibly come up with any other excuses :)

Now you may be wondering where I have been "pouring my time into."

First off, I have recently been asked, or "elected" to be in charge of student activities. How exciting!!! I LOVE games, the student and having parties! Perfect! I know tis is a small way I can encourage the student body. I started out finding a team of students to help plan, organize and run the activities. Lots of meetings later we began with a game night and last wknd had 'Like,Totally 80's!" Party. We had contests for the biggest hair, best rocker outfit ,tallest shoulder pads, best valley girl impersonation and lots of other hilarious categories. The students AND staff went all out to make this night a memorable one. I spent half the night laughing at everyone'costumes. of We had 16 staff members send in pictures of themselves in the 80's how fun to watch the students guess the staff and their ages!
We did the limbo, hokey-poky, and chicken dance trying to bring back those Friday nights we spent as kids at the rollerskating rink.
We ended the evening with prizes and Back To the Future.Yay Michael J.Fox.

Secondly,I have recently committed to prioritizing my life little by little. Andy and I have made a BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING discipline chart and have been focusing on following that. What an encouraging thing to see our girls already improving in small ways and how AWESOME to be on the SAME page as my husband when it comes to discipling our children. "Spare the rod SPOIL the child." How true!

Thirdly, within the prioritizing my life comes many avenues of change. Some small some large. Many of those can be saved for another blog...Another thing (which as moms you will understand why I say this) is getting some time for myself and NOT feeling guilty about it...that rarely happens if their is a load of laundry to do, or one speck of dust or a toy out of place I have a hard time relaxing. Praise the Lord for a husband who knows me and notices when I need a moment alone. So, to prevent those "hair-pulling" moments from happening my husband has suggested I 1-get out and get involved and 2-have an hour to myself every few days! He is amazing! So all that to say I have been sewing like a maniac! Not only am I getting some alone time to think and pray I am keeping my hands busy by making things for my family! I LOVE these moments! I become quite a blog "stalker" as I search for new projects and tutorials..if you ever find a great tutorial,pattern or project PLEASE share it with me!

Alright...enough typing time to post some pictures!

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Julie said...

I love quiet time to myself when I am working on a project or craft. Recently, I've been crocheting a lot. Not sure if you are interested in that, but I think this link has the cutest little hat for girls. It'd be great when it's frigid cold outside! I haven't made it yet, but plan to do so for next year for both of my girls! :)