Monday, March 29, 2010

Simplicity New Look #6688

This is my second time ever following a pattern. I use TONS of online tutorials but there's nothing like cutting out that ridiculously fragile, thin paper to make a pattern. I got this material in the States last Oct. on furlough and have been staring at it for months now wondering what would receive the high honor of being made out of it...silly I know. Now that Novalie understands the concept that mommy can make her things she has started to make requests! She cracks me up! Her first thing was a blanket for her stuffed horse :) then she asked very sweetly for a twirly dress. Here it is, Novie's twirly dress.

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Kate Corrie said...

I LOVE this dress. I've just made this pattern myself in a plain print! It's so beautiful - i hope your little one enjoys lots of twirls. For your second pattern ever this is impressive! I found the sizing a little big for the 6 month size - is that true for the bigger sizes too?

You can check out my nautical version of new look 6688 on my kate corrie sewing blog at

Have you made more of these since 2010?