Thursday, May 6, 2010

Discipline Chart

In our kitchen we have "Our Family Wall." Scattered all over this wall is schedules, upcoming events for work, school and ministry, Eden and Novie's latest masterpieces, letters/ cards from home and the Discipline Chart.

A few months ago Andy and I were getting frustrated too often on our "techniques" and differences when it came to disciplining the girls. We sat down a few times over 2 months and came up with The Discipline Chart. The "If/Then" chart; IF you hit your sister THEN you get time out in the corner etc etc, there are 10 different "crimes" and "punishments."

After disciplining Novie one afternoon and reading the verse with her that is on the chart next to the offense, she started to scope the wall and looked me square in the eyes, she said, "Mommy, where is your rule chart?"

Where is my rule chart?? I SHOULD have a rule chart! She is so right! I started to think of little things we often remind each other of on a regular basis.
So, here it is, Mommy and Daddy's Rule Chart.

Mommy and Daddy's Rule Chart

1.Have a meaningful/convicting Quiet Time and prayer time daily
2. Take time for one another daily
3. Hug and kiss ALOT
4. Say what you mean and mean what you say
5. Keep your expectations in line
6. Keep your promises
7. Walk away when frustrated and collect yourself before responding/disciplining
8. Make sure discipline/ punishment fits the "crime"
9. Drink Coffee and eat Chocolate daily

I like it, It's cute and fun. I see it changing often...

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marylittlebit said...

Thanks for sharing!:) I am trying make a "If/Then" chart for my kids - a discipline chart. Does your kids' chart have consequences, or just verses for the offenses?