Thursday, May 20, 2010

Word of Life Hungary Celebrates 20 Years

Al and Pam Konya with Ric and Vi Brooks

Dad, Paul and the Good's from WOL Poland

Paul and Shirley Bubar

Our wonderful BI students with the Bubars

This past weekend WOL Hungary Elet Szava celebrated their 20th Birthday. Students and staff from past and present, directors, guest lecturers and teachers from all around the world flew in to be a part of this encouraging weekend. Paul Bubar, Don Lough, Gaza Bacsi, and Al Konya shared testimonies of God's provision for WOL Hungary's beginnings under the reign of communism. How incredible for a Christian camp to begin at this time!
This weekend was called "20 Years of God's Faithfulness", after hearing the stories and testimonies no other name would have been so appropriate. I feel privileged to be a part of this ministry. I praise the Lord for a ministry that is overflowing with men and women excited about sharing their faith, discipling youth and training them to teach others also as II Tim 2:2 says. As the videos were shown and testimonies shared I prayed for WOL Hungary and the next 20 years, may we remain faithful servants focused on the Lord's work desiring to do all we can to bring Him glory. How exciting to be a part of the next 20 years!

Please enjoy this video recounting the history of the past 20 years of WOL Hungary:

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