Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mission's Reality

Every year a groups of 25+ students from NY come to face the "reality of mission's" kinda hard to sum that up for the students in a week but we try hard by filling the week up with every possible ministry opportunity we can. We visited schools, orphanages, went on OAE, evangelized in parks and subways, went site seeing, they did drama's, Bible clubs, sang, shared testimonies, preached and cleaned. We kept them VERY busy! At the end of the week (always a favorite of mine) is the campfire we have the evening before they leave. Each student is given the opportunity to share what the Lord has taught them during this week. How exciting for us to hear how their view of Mission's has change in 1 short week! We are so thankful for the MR team that came this year, and even more thankful for the students who are pursuing a future here as interns! That means they come for 2 years to serve as Missionaries here with Word of Life Hungary! Here are a few pictures to highlight their week of service:

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