Thursday, May 26, 2011


Many of you know about our little kitty she is quite famous around here. She showed up May 2010 on our front porch and has never left :) She showed up during the busiest time for us and claimed us as her family.I was secretly hoping she would move on or go back home but after a couple months I finally gave in and started to feed her. She has now stolen my heart. She is by far the best animal I have ever owned or been in contact with. She has been fought over, dressed up, dragged around, shoved in strollers, boxes, locked in the closet, and squeezed and still has never bitten or scratched the girls, quite amazing since cats are so unpredictable! We are blessed to have such a docile kitty. The girls and all their friends adore Pocahontas. Yes, I know funny name but when we first decided to keep her the options from Novie and Eden were Princess and Dinosaur and I was not going to be yelling either of those names...the movie they were watching daily at this time was..well, that's a no-brainer. So Pocahontas it was.

Well. P just had 4 beautiful babies last week. Again, I was secretly hoping she would wait until we left for furlough but they are here and adorable! I just want to hold them all the time! It's so cute how popular her kitties are she has had 12 visitors so far, more than some newborn babies have, she is such a silly but greatly loved kitty. Here are a several photos the day they were born and 1 week old.

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