Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eden Louise

My little Spunky, crazy, cuddly, horse, Pirate and tool loving little girl turned 3 last week. We flew over to America the day of her 3rd birthday making it literally the longest birthday of any one's life. After 20+ hours of flying, driving, traveling we got to America at noon to start June 2nd all over again :) 2 days later we celebrated Eden's 3rd birthday My Little Pony style. Complete with Aunt Ashley, Grandma, Grandpa, both Great Grandmother's and Grandad we ate hot dogs, mac-n-cheese, pickles and a very wobbly (melting) rainbow cake. All requests of our little Eden.
We had ponies hanging from the ceiling, on the plates, napkins, table, crowns, cake and table. We had Pony crowns, snacks and whistles. We blew bubbles, sang, open lots of Pony presents and had a tea party. What a wonderful afternoon celebrating Eden. Happy Birthday little Edy-crazy-Lou, I cannot believe you are another year older and old enough to start Kindergarten now. I am blessed to be a part of your life, and I love being your mommy. You are hilarious and unpredictable!

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