Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's more than taming her hair

Ever see a movie about Wild horses? I know kinda weird..but you know that scene I'm talking about. A group of wild horses running across the plateau, muscular, dangerous, free, uncultivated, running, running, running completely wild.
I would never say I was that wild...but you know that saying, "what goes around comes around." Well, my "...comes around" is in the form of my crazy 3 year old. She is just plain wild! If we ever need a good laugh we always joke around and say, "just wait look at her face..she is already planning her next adventure." We got the girls a bunk bed, actually when they were 1 and 3! Yes, I know...but we were desperate to give them some space for playing. Now we've had this bunk bed for a couple years now and I had a weak moment last week..oops. I shared MY bunk bed adventures with my girls "bad mommy" mistake. I shared how we piled up pillows and blankets and would jump off, how I pushed my "friend" off (I'll call her Sally), Sally was not MY friend, my mommy and her mommy were friends and I was forced to play with her (yeah, I was not a loving 10 year old) anyways, I shared how we hid Andrew's toys up there (my little brother) how we used to put stuffed animals on the fan and then turn it on high speed and watch them fly off (that's how one of my glass dolls chipped her hand, the stuffed animal hit her, she fell off the shelf and somehow the carpet did not break her fall), so I was mistakenly sharing these with my 3 and 5 year old..I had a moment of pure weakness.
So my 3 year old is wild, even has blond wild curls to add to her look but I LOVE this about her. Her pure excitement over life is exhilarating. If she sees a bed she is the first to climb up and jump! she climbs every tree she can reach the first branch on, she scaled the top of the cellar door and proceeded to "slide" down the roof, she climbs our backyard fence,she climbs up on the counter to get her snacks...on top of all the craziness is her determination to be completely self-sufficient and do everything by herself, hence the outfits that never match but I LOVE it. I still remember that feeling of being independent, the sheer exhilaration when I figured something out on my own, feeling brave, letting loose, pretty much just having the best time ever every single moment possible. I'm remembering this feeling now as I watch my 3 year old jump from the top bunk into a pile of beanchairs and blankets on the floor ..I just don't remember feeling the heart attack my mom was having as I did it, but boy do I feel that now. Here's to those wild kids we are re-living our pasts through, I just hope there aren't too many white-knuckling, hair-rising, small heart attacks attached to these moments, the one I had today was enough.

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