Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tulip Shoots

It's about 50 degrees out today and we were all outside running around, going for walks and playing in just sweatshirts. I grew up living in FL and I never understood growing up the excited that comes with spring. As we cleared some leaves out of our flower beds we saw the Tulip shoots are as anxious as we are for spring to arrive! They are about 4inches high. After playing outside and while the girls took a "rest" I was able to watch the birds eat their new seed we got for them and do my quiet time. Today was Acts 10.
After finishing up Quiet Time I got started on the girls new spring wardrobe! I have been waiting for warm weather to come and motivate me to start fulfilling my New Year's Resolution. I want to make most of my girls clothing. I have yet to attempt jeans, coats and shoes. Which WILL happen this year!

Here are a few things I made today for Novalie, I actually made 2 other dresses as well BUT I did not measure her and they are huge! She is NOT close to size 5/6 when it comes to dress patterns by Simplicity!

I was so excited to get them on her I didn't wait for her to completely wake up after her nap, here is my Sleepy Novie-Beauty

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