Monday, July 30, 2012

New Adventures

Since moving back to the States alot has happened some positive some frustrating, some amazing blessings and some major answers to prayers. You know that the girls and I flew back to the States May 2nd. Andy arrived back May 28th. It was a long month dealing with minor culture differences, jet-lag, and emotions from our quick move, from Novie, Eden and I. It was tough doing it by myself. It took a week or 2 to adjust from the jet-lag and as the 3 months have gone by quickly we are still adjusting to being back in the States many days we realize it has not hit us full force yet. After Andy arrived in the States he was home for 4 days and had to leave to PA to retrieve the contents of our container from Hungary. What should have been a 3 day trip took a week, the truck broke down 3 times, it was disappointing and frustrating. They returned in the middle of camp training week and 2 days later campers arrived. We are now beginning our 7th week of camp and life has not slowed down. Andy and I often joke around with each other saying, "this move has not hit us yet..and when it does neither of us will be able to function, it will be dramatic, painful and not a pretty sight to behold." Each night we go to bed begging for strength, peace and thanking the Lord for making it another day in our new role so far from the ministry we love. It's so crazy looking back and reflecting on these last few months and amazing to realize it has been 3 month already. The Lord has blessed us greatly. He always takes care of us and protects us, even from ourselves. The flesh is great but God is greater! He has given us the strength to embrace our new ministries head on. Since returning to the States we have lost almost $2,000 of our monthly support. It has been discouraging and disappointing... our director told us, " they are supporting you, your family not a country you'll be fine." The numbers often make it hard to believe that, BUT We rest in the promises of the Lord and KNOW HE will take care of us. And in taking care of us He has brought so many encouraging people along side of us with furniture, appliances, food, toiletries, He has also provided a beautiful home to rent, car to borrow, 2 amazing schools for the girls and a small job opportunity for me to help with our support loss. AND the BEST, GREATEST news ever is Novalie has seen her need for a Savior and has asked the Lord to be a part of her life!! No greater joy than to see your children walk in TRUTH!! Keep praying for Eden :) As we continue on here in the States in our new exciting roles at Word of Life Florida we have ultimate peace knowing this is God's immediate plans for us, our hearts hurt as we remember Hungary, but we are jumping in with both feet knowing the Lord has amazing things planned for us. We have 2 weeks left of summer camp, a week between to move into our new home and on Aug 20th the girls start school. Life will not slow down but move faster. Pray that the Lord will continue to renew us daily to keep up :)

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