Monday, August 27, 2012

Off to School

The first day of school. Well, for us it has been a bit different. We lived in Hungary and the school system is set up differently than the States. You begin school in Hungary on the day you turn 3. So both Novie and Eden have been in a school-like setting for the last several years. What a blessing though to move back while they are still at a young enough age to start at the beginning. Novie is 5 and Eden is 4, though both have already been attending school we are starting Novie in K-5 and Eden in K-4. Both have tested higher than their current grades, but why rush life? Like every mommy I was still nervous about sending them to school not because it was their first day but because they were now in different classes at different schools! in a new country and learning in a different language. So weird to think that... Both girls completed their first week of school and had many comments on the differences of their schools. Even with all the differences I think the biggest one of all is for me, I can talk, discuss, ask questions, communicate, not use a translator, be involved with my girls, volunteer, be a room mom, and genuinely get to know my girls teachers! why? because we speak the same language! Excited about this new adventure; school in the America.

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