Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recent pics of the girls

Novalie wasn't so sure about having to bundle up everyday to play outside. She is used to it now and even knows how to put her gloves and boots on the right hands and feet!

Here is Eden standing up on her own. She can walk along the couch and will even let go with one hand. She is trying to catch up to her sister. She has been crawling for a couple months now, is working on her third tooth, she chews on everything and loves Novalie's Elmo dolls. Happy 8 months Eden!

Here is Eden in the laundry detergent box. She thinks its so much fun and Novie will push her around the living room.

Novalie has been asking for snow every day and finally got it! It snowed today and Novie witnessed her first snowfall.

She loves her scarf that Nana made for her.

The girls are doing great in their new home and are adjusting well.
Here is their new address:

Novalie and Eden Mater
WOL Elat Szava
Kokai u.2

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