Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Novie Baby turns 4

Another year has passed me by and I was not ready for my little Novie to turn a year older, but man, Novalie was! All her little friends and buddies have turned 4 already and she has been asking since this summer when she was going to be big and turn 4. I always would think, "it will come too soon for me" but would always answer, "real soon!!" and get all excited for her. When asking Novie how she would like to celebrate her special day she replied, "Mommy I would like blowies to make noises, pink candles on a cake just for me and balloons to blow-up and give to all my friends." What would you like on your special day for a gift? "mostly my friends to sing to me." She has a sweet way of melting my heart.
We had her little day all planned out with a trip to McD's and an hour in the indoor playground. But with those sweet requests I HAD to throw her a darling little party. With the help of Grandma and her creative ideas we had a wonderful Princess Party for Novie! When talking with Novie and asking "if you could have a party who would you invite?" I about died of laughter when she named 2 interns and a staff member! Yes, 4 years old going on 20, my little girl considers these 25 year olds her closest friends :)...hmmm, I thought they were my closest friends :) She cracks me up!
So we set out to surprise Novie on her special day. I spent 2 evenings sewing a Princess dress-up Sleeping Beauty gown for Novie (I don't really like working with that slippery material) but it was worth it!!! Daddy was brave and took the 2 girls to the Open Market Sat. morning for Novie to pick some flowers out for her special day. The guests arrived and the decorating began, the Pinkest Princess Brunch ever!
Megan (1 of Novie's requests to be at her party) made Novie a gorgeous Princess Cake! I was blown away with the results; flowers, vines, cathedral windows, steps, 4 towers with 4 candles and flags blowing in the wind and as Perfectly Pink as you could possibly imagine!
Megan and Novie have a heart connection when it comes to being a Princess :)
Absolutely perfect for Novie and her Princess party.
Daddy called, he was on his way..and we were ready! Novie walked in we yelled surprised and yes! we definitely surprised her, so much so she slowly walked to her room to hide...not so sure what was going on. I followed her in and explained everyone was here for her, to celebrate her turning 4! She slowly smiled and hugged me ready to come out and greet her guests. 4 may be a little young for a surprise party. :) yep, learned my lesson, but the shock only lasted seconds and the party began! We had 3 darling little princesses, according to Eden: "Kira is Cinderella, Novie is Sleeping Doody, and I is a PIRATE!" I guess Eden did not get the Princess Memo :) So really I guess 2 princesses and 1 pirate :)
We had delectable little cucumber sandwiches, fruit dip, mini egg quiches, and lots of dainty sweets along with Novie's Princess Castle Cake. Her friends showered her with love, kisses, birthday wishes and gifts.
Sashaying in her glorious Princess dress, a 4 year old on cloud 9
That evening as she climbed into bed (with ALL her gifts) I shed a little tear as I thought of how fast she is growing up. She is so sweet, loving, gentle, friendly and compassionate. So much older than her little 4 years at times yet so darling and innocent.
I know my Novie baby will stay a Princess forever.

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