Saturday, November 27, 2010

Turkey Thanksgiving Day

The last 2 years Thanksgiving has been such an unique event here. It's strange that Andy goes into work, the parade is watched on the laptop at 4pm live :) no family, football or crazy 4am alarms going off for Black Friday ;) but we DO celebrate dispite the way Thanksgiving is treated here for us Americans! and that's ok, we are not in America. :)

I am extremely thankful to have other Americans here. Sometimes I just need to reminisce and I'm thankful for those who understand. We are all in the same boat together during Thanksgiving. Family 1000's of miles away!
This year was amazing!!! We had a wonderful HUGE meal, with ALL the traditional fixin's. We skyped family back home, ate until we hit that Thanksgiving food stupor, we DID watch football (well, I didn't but that's because of my own personal preference) :) football=blek, we played a hilarious game! and all shared what we are thankful for. I really enjoyed hearing a little from each person as they shared about God's provision, answered prayers, encouragement and strength. What a blessing to come together and remember exactly what Thanksgiving is all about! Giving Thanks!

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