Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm never quite sure how to write about Farsang. It's Hungary's version of Carnival/Mardi Gras. Every February the month is full of parties, balls, costumes, performances, and donuts :) haha.

Novalie's little Kindergarten class had their Farsang performance this week, always a mixture of cuteness, good laughs and adorableness!

Remember last year??

They were Spanish Flamenco dancers.
This year was Knights of the Kingdom. They waltzed in to elegant royal music, spun around to show off their flowing dresses and danced slow and regal-like, it that a word? Regal-like.

Novie was the tiniest, shortest kid last year for her play, this year she was the same size as about 8 of her new classmates. Her partner this year but a little boy Bence who is so adorable, they were by far the cutest little couple. I think the pouty face made half of the performance. I video-taped it and half of the time you can hear me giggling. I guess if I was 3 like Bence and had to wear tights, TP rolls on my head and PINK bloomers in front of 100's of people I would pout as well ;) But they did a great job, he stayed on stage, in character and danced adorably.

My guess, it was the Pink bloomers?...they were the only ones pouting or crying

This is Zolan I think he has a little crush on Novie, they hold hands and he bought her a donut, he's 5 and such a sweet boy.

But how exciting for Novalie to dress up as a Princess!! This girl screams fairy-tale everywhere she goes, she never walks, it's always bouncing and skipping, the sparkle in her eyes and constant giggles and twirling made this performance a dream come true for my Little Princess!
Watching the rest of the show with Daddy
Even Minnie Mouse got to twirl on stage

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