Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Socially Acceptable

I seem to be saying this to myself alot lately, is this "socially acceptable" as in is this passable to go out into the world wearing. Is my hair socially acceptable, how about my make-up clothes, pants, overall look? etc etc.
Personal maintenance is annoying to keep up with!!! I don't know about you but I am constantly debating about how much time I should spend on myself in the upkeep area. I am a stay-at-home mom, most of the time people come to me while the kids are napping or sleeping, it seems rare that I get out much, so spending time on my overall appearance seems pointless sometimes. How often do I look good, put together and feel pretty and no one sees me!! arrrgh
So, Do I wash, dry and style my hair today? maybe just wash it then throw it in a ponytail, do I put on make-up? does the grocery store merit make-up? does Picking Novie up from school require nice hair? a couple students are coming..can I stay in my "lounge" pants?
Ladies, what about shaving! yikes! Talk about a good way to waste your morning, shaving is overrated yet I would NEVER stop :) who made up the rule that we need to be smooth, shaven, waxed or plucked all the time, if I could boycott one thing and still be comfortable this would get my vote! Painted nails rarely happens, I dream of pedicures :) and getting my eyebrows plucked believe it or not is my favorite. I am still picking about my eyebrows and kinda obsess with them being nice, plucked and even. I guess it good I'm concerned about one thing. I guess half of this is because I have no routine, I cannot take a shower and get ready every day at the same time my family does not allow it and I guess I do not force to make it happen. So anywhere between 6am- 9pm I shower for the day. I guess I am more concerned with the cleanliness of my family and house. Novie gets home from school and I scrub her, I think about all the kids and teachers hugging and kissing her, all the germs she is covered in and I get the willies, they get bathed EVERY night, no matter what!! and yes! I am so strict about this it keeps your kid's healthy! and of course before I can fall asleep at night I prefer everything to be neat, tidy, picked up and in it's rightful place.
Now, going back to me, I've never been a "high-maintenance" person. I do not demand perfection of myself, too much pressure and after having kid's unrealistic for many unmentionable reasons. I've always been slightly jealous of those mom's who have a van load of adorable children, and look smokin' hot. how do they do it!!! How do you balance eating right, exercise, playing with your kid's, consistent discipline, a clean sparkly house, and have time for's a mystery yet most women will say they don't have it together, sure fooled me!

I lOVE my pajamas, they are wonderful, I start dreaming about them at around 4pm in the day unless I am already weraing them, then I just shower and put on clean ones ;) don't tell anyone my secret :).. however I guess society has made up this crazy rule that they aren't meant to be worn all day! What?! I have no desire to follow this rule. Truthfully I have no desire to get dressed, put on the works, if I'm not going anywhere. Why waste an outfit to scrub the toilet, change diapers, and cook. Very, VERY rarely do people show up at my house announced, and besides my normal clothes don't fit the way they used to so come on people, why can't I just stay comfy. You know who has something to say about this! Here is to all the mommy's that stay comfy ALL day and have no shame!! Ok, maybe just a little ;)

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jennifer said...

Tabs I am in the same boat with you! I am still in my comfy clothes, which are normally either PJs or work out clothes (they 90% of the time don't get to be used for that though.) I think your picture is funny, but we have to remember that Stacey Clinton probably was never a SAHM.
I think that as long as our husbands think that we look beautiful and we do get dressed when we have somewhere to go, other than the gracery store, we are okay.
Just because we are not "dressed" up doesn't mean we are lazy and not getting anything done. It is just our uniform at home.

Love ya!
J-star :)