Monday, February 21, 2011

Intern Farsang "Minute to Win It"

We are always hearing of new movies and shows to watch from friends and family back in the States. Last summer I heard of Minute to Win It, we watched a couple episodes but not something we got into. The game is a series of opportunities to win money by completing activities in less than 60sec. 1 is a list of some of the crazy games these individuals had to complete.

We forgot about it, until just recently when I thought it would make the most hilarious games for our intern fellowships!! We looked up old episodes and began working on some ridiculous games to make the interns do. :) This month is Farsang a month of balls, performances, carnivals and costumes, so of course, we Had them come in costume. Even the 2nd Mater Family showed up complete with Pocahontas. Meow ;)
Now we have limited resources here in our little village of Toalmas but with imagination and creativity juices to spare we came up with some hilarious games!!!! Now to quote one of the interns "I think these games were made up so Tabitha could get a good laugh at out expense!" they catch on quickly ;) heehee of course that was the whole purpose of this evening! I've been stressed and needed a good laugh! and man, did we get some GREAT laughs!!!
Novalie even competed!
Stacking 5 dice one at a time on a Popsicle stick held in your mouth
Stacking blocks one at a time on your hand while your arm is out straight
Start with a chip on your forehead, get it to your mouth only using your facial muscles, no hands!
Peel and present a banana only using your feet and toes, yucky!
Tossing food into each other mouths

Our favorite game of the evening! Pans full of flour, the goal was to get the chocolate covered raisins out not the p-nuts, each raisin was 1 point each p-nut negative one, their mouths were full of flour by the end!! HILARIOUS!

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Yana said...

This was soooooo much fun!! Thanks Tabs for your hard work!