Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another year goes by...

It always amazes me how fast time goes by and sometimes I don't realize it until another holiday or birthday comes and goes marking the exact amount of years "since this..." or "since when we.. "etc. So I had another birthday this week, yes, it came around again, and didn't skip me like I was kinda secretly hoping. Now, don't misunderstand me here.. I LOVE the gifts, parties, surprises, loving comments, hugs, being spoiled etc etc just not the part about getting another year older, that can pass over me. So, I am still in my 20's hanging on... (I know someday when I hit my 30's,40's etc etc) I will laugh at that statement, but here's why 20's is so nice for me. I am STILL in the age bracket of our students and interns..once I hit the big 3-0+ I will officially be in the "whoa, you look younger" club (they will say that to me right?!" Here's to big dreams :) But a few students and interns are the same age as me! I REALLY like that....

I had a marvelous birthday this year!
Here are 28 reasons why.... :)

1. Walking through City Park holding my hubby's hand
2. Accidentally becoming a part of a protest! so exciting and hilarious "Here's to a Stronger Europe!" WHO-HA haha
3. The Russian (stinkin awesome) Circus!! Absolutely amazing!!!
4. Watching an alligator get thrown onto an unexpecting man-awesome.
5. Date night with Megan to Amici Pub and Corner House, yes 2 restaurants in one evening :) great food and even greater company
6. My new fabulous sandals-ruffles of course
7. Handmade cards from my too sweet little girls
8. SURPRISE PARTY! still trying to get my mind wrapped around that one
9. Drinking flavored coffee EVERY day for my birthday week!
10. M'M's and Cadbury Eggs!-thank you Angie and Andris!
11. Watching Henti, Andy and Andris play Wii-hilarious
12. My beautiful Beach Cake made by Megan
13. Making an order for craft and sewing supplies from Joann's and Angie bringing them over
14. Having a morning to sew
15. Our Family Trip to the Jazberny Zoo
16. Dinner with the Bartos' and Meszaros'
17. Having 5 different people babysit over the weekend
18. Going into BP by myself
19. Buying some summer clothes on sale!
20. Eating at Vapiano's
21. Strawberry Blended Lemonade
22. My lovely new cupcake stand-thanks Anouska and Henti!
23. An uninterrupted bath
24. Not having to do dishes
25. Playing Ticket to Ride
26. Grilling with friends and eating home made Guacamole
27. Eating Mexican Food at Aariba's
28. Having friends and family here to make this week wonderful!

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