Sunday, April 3, 2011

Backyard Party

As you can already tell, my posts will be farther apart now that it's sunny, warm and we are outside all day long. I've already been "kissed by the sun" twice!! Yay for some color on my skin.
This past wknd we had our first outside Bar-b-que, Campfire, hang-out time!! It was sooo much fun, we played "Throw-the-Rock" haha, badminton, Ninja, talked, laughed, shared stories and enjoyed the company of so many friends! Days like these are such a blessing and encouragement to our hearts being surrounded by those we love and care about. We started around 4 and the last little group left around 11pm. We never want the fellowshipping and laughter to end.

Here are a few photos of our wonderful, encouraging, relaxing day.

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