Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Czech Republic

This past week Andy and I talked with our director here in Hungary about helping our friends in the Czech with their Winter Camp wknd. We received word back on Tues morning and left Fri morning for the Czech! Andy and I were excited to be an encouragement to our friends in the Czech and they were such an encouragement to us!! They work extremely hard to keep this ministry going and there are only 2 couples running the WHOLE campus!! and they are doing an incredible job!
Mirek ran camp, cooked food, preached, ran sound, he would do it all to make it happen for these teens

Winter Camp had about 40 people in all. Andy was able to speak Friday evening and bring the Gospel message to the campers.
Praise the Lord we saw 3 teens accept Christ as their Saviour!! It was exciting to see the joy in their eyes and the excitement of their friends who invited them for the wknd.
Andy and I were able to teach English to the VERY Advanced group (which means they were ALL fluent just looking to learn some new vocab words and practice speaking) we played games, gave them lists of words to write stories with, and mostly practiced speaking and forming complete/correct sentences.
Yeah, its been over 10 years since I've had to take English..haha, I had to brush up on a few things and I also learned a few things! Yes, very humbling ;)
It was an action packed wknd for sure! Starting at 8 and ending around 2am each night (I went to bed before then though) no shame :) I did play one crazy run around game and did not help out my team at all, they lost and I take full blame for it...I'm old and chubby and cannot out run a 14 year old boy ;) Out of the 40 points we got I got 2 and that was in the first 5min of the game before they caught me being sneaky..yep did not get around them ever again for the next hour. Oh, well :)
Sunday morning they started at 9am for Quiet Time and then had a Brunch at 9:30. Andy and I slept until the alarm went off at 8!!! Mom's and Dad's we SLEPT IN until 8 it was the most incredible feeling in the world!!!! Most days by time 8 rolls around I have laundry going, dishes done, I played for over an hour and had 2 cups of coffee, hah-hah, it was amazing! We helped with breakfast, ate and had one more meeting before the campers left.
Sliding down the slide to the frozen pool, we couldn't get any of the campers to participate in the Polar Bear Swim, I don't blame them!!

Then back in the car for 5 hours. It's also awesome traveling with adults, we only had to stop once and we only stopped because I was begging for a coffee from McCafe :) We had 3 people squished in our backseat, I drove there and back b/c if Andy drove he has to push his seat all the way back making room for those long Daddy legs...but I like driving alot and would do it again, only jealous I didn't get a 3hr. nap like everyone else ;)

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