Tuesday, March 8, 2011


There's this fabulous song by Francesca called "This is the Stuff" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqqdA8LHN7I" boy, did she nail it. I don't know about you but it's amazing the little things that drive me CRAZY! Random articles of clothing all over, food in the sink, stickiness on the floor, table, counter and furniture, and of course losing a cell phone or keys, stubbing your toe, forgetting an item at the store, dust, mud being tracked in and re-cleaning a was spotless area 5min. after scrubbing it of course the whole other spectrum like whining, fighting and no manners. What gets on your nerves??? it's almost comical it's the little tiny things and not the HUGE stressful ones. But the repetition of the every day mundane tasks and obligations.
Our days as mom are often mundane, many small petty jobs like folding clothes, cooking, baking, cleaning, organizing clutter, playing peace maker, changing diapers, always moving, always multitasking, always checking off that mental list. It's the little things that chink away at our patience and cause us to lose our passionate luster for life. What does it for you? what brings you to tears begging for a break, day off or a thank-you?? what deflates you? frustrates? annoys? Man, I understand moms the little things that drive us bonkers, we all have them, all want them to disappear they are constantly the same yet often different.
Sometimes I take a step back and look at my life and wonder how others see it. I often think what is next and at the same time want time to retract or freeze. Being a mom is the toughest most wonderful roller coaster I have gotten on so far. I often tell myself, "Tabitha find joy in the mundane activities, be creative or they will drive you crazy" it does not always work. As I write this to kinda regroup myself for the day ahead I glance at my "to-do" list, breath a deep breathe of calming air, pray and get moving. I have a ginormous list of mundane tasks to get done. I will have a good attitude, be grateful for what I have, joyous in these tasks and do them well. Here's to all those mommy's who have a list of mundane tasks today, let's do them well, not allowing the little things to drive us crazy (at least not too much.)

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