Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Daddy!!!

Over the holidays Andy and I discussed the potty-training dealio about Eden. When should we do it? when are we home for a few days etc etc. So the plan was over Christmas break we would train her. Then we all took turns getting colds, and the sickness so we knew we would have to postpone until Feb. February came and went and as we got into March it dawned on me we leave for furlough in a couple months and I HAVE to potty-train her BEFORE we go and she needs a couple months under her belt. OK, cancel everything this week we are doing it!!!

I pull out the calendar to see what I need to cancel, and realize Hungary has a National Holiday and Daddy will be home from work! Yay, perfect!! Daddy can play with Novie and Eden and I can get to work.
Then my husbands throws me the MOST AMAZING curve ball yet since having children. "Why don't I do it this Sunday??" "you take Novie to church, have a date day with her, and I train Eden!" I about fell over!!!!! When does any man willingly volunteer to deal with pee,poop, accidents, dirty , laundry and a stubborn 2 year old?? YAY!!!!! I was still in a state of shock which produced an open-jaw-speechless-moment. So we got planning...lots of juice, crackers, treats, undies, pants, towels, etc. the whole works. We got her excited and at 6am when she woke up Sunday morning her little adventure into Big girl undies began. The morning was going pretty rough as Novie and I left for church.

Novie and I got home from church and I could tell Daddy was using his last inkling of patience. She had had quite a few accidents and we weren't sure how this would pan out, but man, was Andy determined!! We could really use that $30+ a month we had been spending on diapers.

We had lunch together, laid the girls down for their naps and when Eden woke up she was dry! That was it, something clicked while she was napping that afternoon and the rest of the day was a breeze with NO accidents!

So what did my AMAZING husband do to make this happen?? He used the timer on his phone. Yep, that's it. He set it for every 10min, then 15min. and every time EVERY TIME it went off they went through the WHOLE potty process, sit, wipe, wash hands, flush etc. Yes it was a LLOOONNNGGGG morning for the both of them but it really worked. ALL they did that whole day was potty-train NOTHING else! and it worked.
Parents, Potty-training in a Day really works, if that is all you set-out to do that day, it will really work! Eden is "peeing on the potty" proof! She is also completely dry when she wakes up in the morning and from naps. No accidents yet and no midnight potty trips (even thought I packed up those zipper footie jammies thinking she would wake up several times the first week at midnight.) But she sleeps the whole night, no midnight trips and she wakes up dry. We knew it was a success when we drove an 1.5 hrs. into the Buda side of Budapest with no stop and she made it there and back dry! Such a big girl..I'm so thankful and grateful we are out of the diaper stage but its another reminder they are growing up too fast!
Anybody need some size 5 diapers or pull-ups???

Once again, my husband is AMAZING! :) Thank you Andy!!!

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