Saturday, March 12, 2011


I don't remember a time in my life when I was so desperate for spring to get here! I had a rough winter and felt it was winter in every area of my life. Andy and I had countless meetings and phone calls bringing bad and discouraging news, and often we were asked not to tell anyone and not to share, which sometimes makes the burden almost too much to bear. I struggled with being discouraged daily, struggled with some relationships, or lack of them, struggled with being home all day, going days without talking to an adult. Andy and I struggled in Jan finding time for each other. I felt I struggled this whole winter spiritually and mentally. Man, Satan was hard at work this winter, but Praise the Lord as believers we have our heavenly Father! I cried out daily, learned alot and was greatly blessed by His Word, He knew exactly what I needed, and saved me at my few meltdowns and breaking points.

Yesterday was our first day of spring! I stood outside in a gorgeous patch of sun, just stood there feeling it's warmth, listening to the birds, and praising the Lord, Spring has come! Now, here in Hungary it may go back into hiding again but right now, Spring is Here! and I'm staying hopeful and very positive that it will stay!!
I am a Florida Girl! you ALL know it, I am proud of where I came from, I LOVED that I grew up by the beach and from a State that boasts of warm gorgeous weather 10 of the 12months. I never saw snow, lived in snow, did winter things, experienced winter until I was 18 years old in college. I've now have had 4 whole winters under my belt, expert right? ;) but I still find it so difficult and tricky to comfortably survive winter... what's the trick, someone has to have some words of wisdom for this freezing uncomfortable Fl girl?! and the cabin fever! no one told me this was a real illness to deal with. I always think of this scene from Muppet Treasure Island and wonder how the song would have gone if it was winter and they were trapped inside for 3+months...

Today we were outside from 9am-5pm only coming in for lunch, a short nap time and potty breaks, we had all windows and doors open all day, had 2 cats come inside and had to then watch the door every time little ones went in and out. We spent a couple hours at the castle walking around campus, visiting with friends, kicking balls around and rolling in the grass. It was a beautiful day, I was so grateful it came on a Sat. for Daddy to enjoy it with us! So excited about spring, taking photos and being outside every day!!
Eden spent the whole time running in circles and rolling in the grass. She was being a snake, crocodile and Shark, she cracks me up!
The girls gave a few of the interns quite the workouts.

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