Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A little something for me

I do not like making myself clothes and that's that. It takes less than a yard to make Novie AND Eden something, but OVER a yard to make myself something and seeing the massive inches of fabric it takes to wrap around myself is ridiculous. But I want to try and also make myself clothes and hopefully help out our budget.

I've needed a black skirt now for about 2 years :) Yep...how have I been managing so long without one, well, its ONLY because I have not found one that I LOVE. So...here it is, a skirt for me. A black one with pockets (a fetish of mine) gotta have pockets on everything :) I think its cute not sure though if I'll be brave enough to wear it past the front door into the real world.

I shirred the top about 10 rows I think??

Big deep pockets!

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