Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Only a Mommy Understands

So I thought it would be funny to record everything that happens maybe even down to the minute of what the few hours of each morning are like for me. My girls wake up between 6:30-7:30am each morning, Novie leaves for school at 7:30am and Eden takes a nap by 1pm. So today was 6:50am when all this began:

Not even sure how to begin so I'll dive right in,
Mommy, mommy, MOMMY! I have to pee I need a chocolate milk, can I lay on the princess couch, can I have a chocolate milk, may I watch a show, can I pick a movie, mommy can you turn on the light I cannot see, Mommy Eden is on the princess couch first but I want to lay on the princess couch, I don't like this blanket can I have the blue blanket, no not this one the fuzzy blue one that I always like? Mommy can I wear the pink shirt with the stripes, yes that one thanks, mommy can I have a snack, no not a cereal or banana or apple a snack, like a cookie or something. Why do I need my hair in a ponytail, Kati Neni says she like mine hair, can I get it cut can you braid it for two? Mommy, my tummy hurts, but I don't want to sit on my bed, I don't like medicine, can the cat come inside she hungry, can I help feed her and get her water? can I do the eggs and the seeds in the pepper? can I help can I do it? no by myself not with the spoon with a knife? can I open the oven can I crack the eggs? I can do the trash. no you sit here i sit there no you can't help, get down, Mommy she's on me. (7:25am)
Mommy hugs, kiss daddy bye and give him hugs, can you show me out the window? bye Novie Daddy, can Pocahontas come in and play? can I have a snack, can we play doctor? you lay on the floor and I put the band aid on you can we turn n the music? can we listen to Boz? can I have snack? can we paint? with the water and I wear the thing?(it's now 7:45am)
Mommy can you come here and play doctor?lay on the floor and listen to my heart. can we listen to that song again? can I go pee pee on the potty, can I be naked? can I have a snack?can I have chocolate milk, mo can I have plain milk? can we play Ferris wheel? can I have a yogurt, mommy I spilled the yogurt, it's on my shirt, and the table and the floor and somehow on the cat. I wipe off the yogurt, temper tantrum, time out, crying, more crying longer time out. Mommy can I have more yogurt? (like I would start that again) mommy hold my hand I show you. can I pick a show? mommy can we color with the markers? no stickers, later, how about paint? no remember paint is in time out because you were not painting on the paper? can I color with markers? Eden. how about crayons? OK. can I have stickers...(consistency is key put it kills me sometimes) 2min later. mommy can we do puzzles not the toy store one but the big boz one? can you help me? can we do it again? can Pocahontas come back in? now can I watch a show? can we play outside can we play Doctor?it's now 8:15am.

Yes, we have played doctor twice, listened to music watched Dora (or Dora was on) did puzzles, colored with crayons, had cucumbers, carrots, yogurt and a banana for breakfast! washed a cat, cleaned the living room, listened to music, chased a naked 2 year old, changed clothes twice, started laundry, unloaded the dishwasher made a egg casserole, updated my blog, wrote a few e-mails, did my quiet time, Hungarian homework, and got two girls ready, dressed and fed. Sent one off to school said bye to daddy, made beds, took a few pictures of recent sewing projects, uploaded, downloaded and added to blog, sewed a hole in a shirt, made beds, cleaned up breakfast dishes all before 9am, and yet I feel I am behind for the day.

Thought I would try this until lunchtime, but it's wearing me out just typing and reliving a normal morning for me. mommy of 2 year olds are your mornings the same?? Do you play every possible game, puzzle, craft, and activity known to man in the first 2 hours they wake up? I just want to go to the bathroom is that too much to ask... Here's to holding it for hours some mornings ;) as least I got my contacts in. Let me hear a whoot-whoot if you understand!

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WHOOT-WHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you living my life?