Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ruffle Dresses

I got these two little sand colored shirts for $2 each (400ft.) at Auchan which is kinda like a Walmart?.. I knew they would have ruffles I just wasn't sure what kind, how many, what style shape or where to put them. I bought the shirts 2 sizes bigger to give myself a few months to find the perfect tutorial. The girls told me they like to be the same (match). Most of the time I have them pick out the material they would like their particular shirt, dress or skirt to made from. It's always fun to see what their imaginations reach for and pick. This time they wanted the same. So matchy-mathy it is! These took a little over an hour to make both of them. I went for the assembly line technique when making two identical items and it peels so much time off a project! Cutting a project out is what takes the most time!! sheesh. So here you have it the little ruffled-tunic dress.

Eden my little crazy girl
Daddy got Wii Mario Brother's for Christmas and the girls are addicted!
Jan 14th 50 degrees here in Hungary, wonderful!
Novie informed me her green shoes went best with this outfit
and I kinda agree ;)

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jennifer said...

Wow your girls are adorable... But I am sure you know this! Love those shirts! Mommy needs to make a matching one for her too :)