Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year "Resolutions"

New Year "Resolutions". How many blogs will have this as their FIRST post of the new year..would be an interesting statistic 99%?I have a hard time not laughing sometimes when people bring up this subject and talk about their resolutions. No, I'm not laughing at my friends pursay but the enormous task and pressure they are putting on themselves to be faithful to this vow they are verbally making, and of course I am slightly jealous at their courageous goals. I always feel like it would be dumb and pointless to make a vow and goal that takes a WHOLE year to accomplish. I cannot imagine failing...and that would probably happen before February 1st. As I sat down last night watching the final minutes of 2010 tick away. I reflected on this past year. I starting have I grown, have a changed for the better, was I encouraging, helpful, thoughtful??? How did I respond, speak, react?? was it better than 2009? I truthfully had a hard time answering some of those. Sad, but true.

So, I am not going to make a resolution for my whole year, too overwhelming for me. I will make my goals by the month. Sometimes I may share with you, sometimes it will be for Andy's ears only. Overall this year I want to be more healthy, consistent with Novie, Eden, exercise and "me time", I want to follow through and finish tasks well. I want to spend QUALITY time with Christ not so much the quantity. I want to have a more real prayer life, specific expecting them to be answered not just hoping.

January 1st is an exciting day for me. It's wiping the GIANT slate clean, a time to refocus, reflect, change old habits and try something new! Take some time today to make a "resolution" even if only you and God know about it.
So, for the month of January: Be aggressive calling, writing, e-mailing and talking about our needed support. Do not stop until our $100 goal is met.
-30 support thank-you cards written personally
-all Christmas thank-yous written

That's all I'm sharing ;)

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Julie said...

I've always had a thing against "resolutions" as well. I'm not quite sure why, but it seemed silly to make one and not follow through on it. However, this year, I did write out a long list of goals for myself. They are the things I would like to accomplish and strive for. I felt it good this year to make goals for myself, things to improve my and my family's life, some of which goals are physical and others spiritual. Eating/being more healthy is one of mine as well! Learning to enjoy each day and not rush through it is another. (Why is it I always feel hurried? I wonder if it is b/c we've added a third child or b/c we live in a bigger city and must drive further to get anywhere...) Maybe we can share some of our "goals" with each other, Tabitha! Love you!