Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2 Years

Happy 2 years blogging for me! Kinda funny but I thought I should celebrate by blogging! :) I started blogging to remember all the funny, cute things my kids do, which means I should be typing 1/2 of my day away, but Blogging I think, has just recently in the last couple months been an outlet for me. I don't have a "bosom buddy" (as Anne of Green Gables would say) here in Hungary. Someone you gets me, who I have a history with, someone who adores all my girls antedotes and listening to all my heartaches, struggles, and victories. I have good friends who are becoming great friends..but dear fabulous friendships take time and I have something to say everyday! :) So instead of calling my "bosom buddy" which I would do if I was back in the States with her, (I don't think she would want me calling at 3am) my blog page is going to be my daily "phone call" that I miss so much.
Moms, you get this..some days we ACHE to hear the voice of someone over the age of 4 :) some times I go days without hearing the voice of another mom or woman. Crazy! so anyways, I think my blog page or whatever it's called will change character in the next 2 years to come and hopefully be updated on a more daily basis.

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