Friday, December 3, 2010

Jesse Tree

I remember as a kid (mostly because of photos) of my sister and I in matching dresses made by Mom and Grandma, hanging up red and green construction paper ornaments on the wall. Each day we had a different shape that told a story relating to Christ and Christmas (oh and my baby brother, who is now 21 wearing an elf outfit bahahaha). I starting searching and searching..what did my mom do. I knew it was an unique way of celebrating Advent everyday. To celebrate Christ, to remember WHY we celebrate Christmas and of course a simple way to make a beautiful memory. searching happened upon The Jesse Tree. The funny thing is we've done this the past several years! Just didn't know it actually had a name! Funny...

Many people keep asking me, "What exactly is a Jesse Tree?"

In Isaiah 11:1 it says, "Then a shoot will spring from the stem of Jesse, and a branch from its roots will bear fruit."

The Jesse tree is an unique Advent calendar, each day of Advent a home made ornament is added to a tree to represent the prophecy foretelling of Christ. It shows us Christ's geneology, It tells the story of God's plan of salvation, talks about sin, creation, some days you talk about events, other days people, or significant objects. All great teaching opportunities for young kids.

Today is Dec 3rd and we have NOT started yet! 6 days behind according to the "real" Advent calendar this year but really only 3 days behind on mine ;) My printer ran out of ink last night...sad day for me... but really I should have been making the homemade ornaments myself this whole time..why did this project get the one lazy fiber in my body this season?...sheesh. So here I am blogging and making a tree, world, tent, coat of many colors, 10 commandments stones, harp and ladder. Kinda exciting!
I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow, and we shall spend the morning as a family around the table catching up on our Jesse Tree!

We always hear, "Jesus is the Reason for the Season", or "don't forget the TRUE meaning of CHRISTmas but it's true, plain and simple, without Christ we would not have Christmas. Start each day remembering HIM, HIS sacrifice and why he came as a Baby in a manger for us.

Pictures will come soon of our own little Jesse Tree.

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