Sunday, December 19, 2010

Whiny Face

We have a saying in our house, "don't have a whiny-face". It's hard to whine when you are smiling. This whole whiny-like speech seems to have taken over my two sweet little girls lately. Let me share with you how our morning begins with BOTH of them the last couple of weeks... "MOMMY! I WANT A CHOCOLATE MILK" half yelling, half whining!
Now...every Sunday after church we have tea, and coffee set out for the adults to visit and chat with each other. Sometime this fall, (be thankful, if it was you, that I don't know who you are!) someone gave my little darlings chocolate milk. Now this was a first for them a sweet addictive creamy, substance that produces an euphoria and sugar rush for all children under the age of 5, they downed those heavy mugs of dark liquid and instantly became these wild animals wanting more! At first I didn't mind giving them some (man, I should have said no that first day!) they would get one microscopic scoopful in their milk barely even noticeable, now it's become their morning coffee, the day does not happen unless this daily intake of chocolate milk is consumed. But lately when we say no, or "start first with a glass of water" the "Whiny-face Beast" shows its ugly self. What has overcome my sweet babies and replaced them with "whiny-faces?!"
It's sad and crazy when the sin nature pokes its ugly face out in children so tiny, how scary that I see it over something silly as getting that scoop of chocolate powder in their milk. So what to do now?.... It's encouraging to know as a believer we have not been left alone in the fish bowl to bump into the glass on our own. The Lord has left us with instructions for every situation in our lives. Even Whiny. Whiny is not obeying the first time and manipulation. "If I whine enough, I will get it" b/c we all know mommy gets tired sometime and inconsistent.
In the Bible the Children of Israel were notorious for whiny. They were repeatedly saved by the Lord, provided for and rescued yet they complained about not having meat. Numbers 11 says the Lord provided meat not just for a day or week but for a whole month! "You will eat it for a whole month until you are sick and gag on it." Seems kinda harsh for whiny doesn't it. Goes to show how important is it NOT to let the whiny persist. So practically what am I going to do with my 2 "Chocolate addicted whiny faces" First we have decided to ignore the "Whiny speech" we have declared in our home we do not understand "Whinese" (thanks for sharing that story Lisa in your book) you must speak English (or Hungarian) but in a tone that would make the Lord smile, Novie recently reprimanded her sister, "Baby Jesus does not like you saying it that way" Baby Jesus has been her go-to guy since we pulled him out of the Christmas box. Every day she wants to hear more about Baby Jesus. I LOVE it. Anyways, He is fastly becoming important to her and it makes me tear up, so Baby Jesus has been the "judge" of our daily speech. Mainly, this whining issue. So First we do not understand "Whinese". Secondly, we give them a second chance to ask the sweet, God-honoring pleasing way. "May I please have..." If we respond "no" and the attitude or whiny continues that leads to firmer discipline for disrespect and an automatic "no" for future requests until the whiny, disrespect are tamed and sweet. Seems like tough love. I hope so. The Whiny-Face Beast must be killed, and quickly before it rules our home. Pray for us as we "tame the whiny beast." That goes for my whiny attitude too...

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Julie said...

That whiny beast has quite the bite! (And, he seems to be everywhere!) Our little children, too, have recently been whining more. Especially Josiah. He will throw such a fit when he does not get his way! But, like you said, we must be faithful in training them in God's ways!