Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Wee morning hours...

When Novie and Eden wake up in the morning and their cups are filled, a show is turned on, and they are settled and comfy, I like to just sit back and watch them. As they wake up, stretch, yawn, sometimes they ask silly things because they are not fully awake. They smell warm and fit perfectly into your arms.
In the morning they both want to cuddle either with mommy and daddy or each other. They want to be held, hugged, and kissed. We share secrets, talk about dreams we may have had, our plans for the day and what we should have for breakfast. I love these moments because they are still, quiet, still in their sleepy state, whispering and of course they want to snuggle. They both have wild morning hair, I should take pictures everyday and make a silly flip book of their hair.
It's a precious 15min before they fully wake up and the busy-ness begins. During dinner we always ask the girls, "what was your favorite thing today?". I think I would say these 15min. everyday is definitely at the top.

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