Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Personal Space

Mom's, you know there are those certain times each year (or should I say month) where we need, crave and demand some personal space. Now we all know as a mom there is NO SUCH THING as personal space. In most societies, actually I think all of them, there are social boundaries. But for some reason these boundaries do not apply to small children. Small children touch your face when you talk to them, rub your arms, open the occupied bathroom door wide, wiggle their way onto your lap while you type, sew or read, they choose to cling onto you as you pull those hot dishes out of the oven or are balancing a stack of plates from the dishwasher, they choose to jump on your lap while you fold laundry, which made those last 20min. pointless.

But I don't mind, I know it won't always be this way and I would not have it any other way.

Eden is my little Touch, I think it's her "love language" as the Chapman's would say. Eden cannot eat, play, walk, talk, cuddle, snuggle, cry, rest, etc unless she is touching someone or something really, really close. All those comments above apply to my little Eden. When I am out of her site she is very curious to see what I am up to and she must get really close to satisfy that curiosity. I posted earlier about Eden and her "pre-dawn" visits to our room. http://materfamily.blogspot.com/2010/12/some-of-her-favorite-things.html

A few nights back Eden had a rough night sleeping..not sure if it was a sugar rush from a party earlier that evening or the cough that would not allow her little body to rest. But after several trips to reassure and check on her I finally squished into bed with her. I got comfy then wrapped my arms around her little body and drew her close. I invaded her space. Eden is my "wild child" running around, getting into things, always on a roadrunner go. Many times I try to slow her down with hugs and kisses but they only last second when I want them.
Within seconds of squishing next to her she was fast asleep. I LOVED that moment, I watched her sleep, smelled her hair, outlined her adorable face and was happy and as I was there with her I started thinking, everyday she "invades" my personal space, not in a bad way but often, so maybe she invades my personal space to steal moments with me like I did with her that night. I went back to my own bed checked her one last time and smiled, I think Eden steals moments with me just to have me hold her close like I want to do with her. I think "invading" personal spaces can be a good thing. I'm going to look for more chances to steal moments with my girls and when they "invade" my personal space I will pause, smile and think... these moments may be trying but they will fade and one day, believe it or not moms I think we will miss it...alot.

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