Thursday, December 9, 2010

Those moments

I find myself blogging more and more as a way to finalize moments, vent, get things off my chest, and remember. Most days when I blog tears hit the keyboard and I spend half the time wiping my eyes so I can see the screen clearly. There are so many moments in life I want to remember and will also want recorded for Novie and Eden.
This is one of my favorite memories, mostly because I was laughing so hard I cried! My Grandfather trying to hold a 1, 2 and 3 year all together in his lap at one time. His 3 Great Grand daughters.. I think my cousins and I put him up to this "Kodak Moment". This picture was taken when I was pregnant with Eden Christmas 2007. Since then we have added 3 more grandkids to fit on his lap.

Here we are all together Christmas 2007
This morning my Grandfather passed away, Grandpa Taitt I guess it's only been a few hours... He has been brave these last 2 years battling cancer choosing not to go through chemo and other treatments but fight with sure will and courage. He was really young... too young. This past May he turned 71 years old. The doctor's predicted he would pass away before last Christmas, I praise the Lord for giving him and us another year.

Times like this is when it really feels like there is an ocean between my family and I. Sometimes, very briefly, I forget how far away I am because of the technology we have through e-mail, phone, Skype and internet. But today I'm feeling the miles, every single one. I want to be home, to hug my Mom, Dad, sister, brother, and all my family.

Our last time together at Sarah's Wedding Reception Oct. 2009.

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