Sunday, December 5, 2010

This is one Proud Momma!

Last night we had our Annual Christmas Banquet here at WOL Hungary. We invite local vendors, the town Mayor, Doctor etc. The "Prestige" of our village. The Banquet was wonderful, the food delicious and the singing beautiful.

Here's why I am a proud Momma :) I received 1 Skye message and 2 e-mails from individuals telling us, "that i greatly appreciated your parenting tonight", "Thank-you for keeping your kids seated", "It was good to see some staff kids behaving".

Yes, I teared up!! Andy and I are the youngest parents here on staff (until March) :) and I feel like I am forever receiving comments about my "lack of experience", for those of you who REALLY know me, that is a good way to get the steam rollin!!

Well, today I am going to brag on my two beautiful girls!!! When I read those e-mails this morning all I could do was find Novie and Eden and shower them with hugs and kisses and try to keep the tears in check. They are 2 and 4 sitting still for 10min. is hard much less 2.5 hours! A BIG thing we are working on, and it has given our home a "boot camp" feel to it, is having our girls obey the 1st time we tell them NO hesitation, NO excuses, and NO attitudes. I'm not sure about the girls but being consistent in this area is plan ol wearing me out! But the girls are doing great and now if they disobey they can tell us exactly what their punishment will be. Last night they did well and someone noticed. "Pride goeth before a fall!" OK, this is definitely rolling around in my mind right now, but may I continue on without being judged?... my girls did well and someone noticed! not only did they notice but they told me! PEOPLE, this is the ULTIMATE form of encouragement for us young mom's out there. If ours kids do something well, used their manners, behaved, were a blessing to you, please, please PLEASE tell us!! It helps us know those long hours of discipline, hair-pulling moments and tears were soooo worth it!
Being a parent is HARD work and you will NOT ever understand until the Lord blesses you will children of your own. It's joy, tears, heartache, frustration, sleep apnea, headaches and laughter all rolled into the best thing that has ever happened to you!!!

Novalie and Eden, I have these e-mails forever ingrained into my brain and the encouragement they brought, ingrained into my heart. You two are a blessing to this exhausted mommy :) You are a joy to me daily. You make the most mundane activities worth it and the silliest things my favorite memories. I praise the Lord for blessing me with the privilege of being apart of your lives! Thank you for obeying "the first time" at the banquet last night...

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Jessica said...

Tabitha, that's wonderful! It's also encouraging to me to hear this, it's an excellent reminder to me of the training that needs to be going on in my home.

It is utterly exhausting training for first time obedience & I certainly needed this reminder & encouragement to be consistent.

You're doing a great job!