Thursday, December 23, 2010

Beauty and the..what?

Today, as a family we all squeezed together on the floor and watched "Beauty and the Puppy." That's right, one of our favorite movies.
Novalie woke up this morning wanting to know if we could finish watching the Puppy movie. Puppy movie? When were we watching a puppy movie? I thought she was remembering the dream she just woke up from. After a few exasperated moments of confusing explanations..such as, "You know mommy the puppy that wears clothes then gets really angry at the girl." "The puppy lives in a castle, with talking things." Wow the more I listened the more I was thinking..we may be on the brink of some major child's story phenomenon get a pen and paper we'll make the big time for sure!
Nope, we finally figured it out when she started to sing the song. "Tale as old as time...dancing all the time." Well, not the right words but we instantly knew what we were going to watch.
Beauty's Enchanted Christmas.

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