Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Home-made

My goal this Christmas was to make over half of the girls gifts. I want to make them memorable items each Christmas worth saving for their kids. I want to use the "special" fabric I have been hiding away and make them gifts they will adore for years to come. Well, I ended up doing way over the 50% goal!!! I actually completed all my projects 2wks before Christmas and started another whole plethora of gifts..now alot of those still are not yet finished but I was really proud of the motivation I had to make things for my girls. I've been getting brave with zippers and buttons, trying to take projects a little more slowly to notice every line and stitch. To take time to iron between each stitch as well, for some reason I cannot stand that step in the project process, blek.
So here are the bean bags I made. I thought they turned out pretty awesome. I actually think Andy and I use them more, or maybe the students and interns do. I must say though these 2 additions to the family have been the perfect solution for cramming 15+ people into our living room.

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